Worst Foods For Oral Health

Worst Foods For Oral Health

Posted by Del Rey Dental on Aug 11 2022, 02:26 AM

Worst Foods For Oral Health

What you eat affects your oral health in multiple ways. Food promotes healthy teeth when it’s nutritious and when it’s eaten in moderation. Eating the wrong foods, however, can cause cavities and gum disease.

There is a whole slew of foods that can harm your teeth. Foods that are high in sugar content can both increase your risk of dental decay and negatively impact your oral health in other ways. Foods and drinks high in acid can wear down the enamel, and soda and energy drinks are notoriously high in sugar.

Here is a list of some common foods and drinks that can damage your enamel.

  • Chocolate

Chocolate is a delicious treat, but unfortunately, it’s one of the worst foods for oral health. The sugar and sugar substitute in chocolate can feed oral bacteria, which causes tooth decay. Even worse, the sugar in chocolate can also make plaque stick to teeth. This increases your risk for cavities.

  • Sugary Soda

Don’t be fooled by the diet soda label; diet soda is still packed with some sugar. The sugar in diet soda is replaced with artificial sweeteners, which can be just as bad for your health. If you’re sipping on something sweet, you’re still exposing your teeth to sugar and bacteria, which increases your risk for tooth decay. Other beverages that can increase your risk for tooth decay include fruit juice, sports drinks, and energy drinks.

  • Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is sticky and sugary, which means the particles cling to your teeth, causing decay. Additionally, dried cherries and cranberries contain high levels of tannic acid, which interferes with the healthy formation of your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay.

  • Sports Drinks

Sports drinks can be great for staying hydrated during exercise, but they often contain acids and sugars that can eat away at tooth enamel. Instead of reaching for a sports drink, opt for water. Water can also help wash away bacteria and food particles from your teeth.

  • Starchy Foods

Starchy foods, like potato chips, crackers, and bread, can cause tooth decay. They contain refined carbohydrates that break down into sugar. Bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and produce acid that damages teeth. Starchy foods also stick to the teeth, which attracts more bacteria.

  • Coffee

Coffee is incredibly damaging to your teeth. The acidity of the drink is strong enough to erode your tooth enamel. The drink is also highly staining, meaning it can make your teeth yellow. If you drink coffee regularly, consider cutting back or switching to a straw to limit the contact between your teeth and the drink.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol can be extremely damaging to your oral health. It promotes dry mouth, which is a direct cause of cavities. It also wears away tooth enamel, which can weaken your teeth. If you love alcohol, make sure you’re drinking in moderation and keeping up with your oral hygiene.

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