Checkups & Cleanings

Checkups & Cleanings

While brushing and flossing every day at home is a very important part of maintaining healthy teeth, many dental problems can develop in sneaky, hard-to-see ways that may go unnoticed by untrained eyes. That’s why regularly visiting a trusted dental office for checkups and cleanings is so important! At Del Rey Dental, we’d love to see your whole family for ongoing care here in the East Dallas neighborhood. Dr. Tadros isn’t interested in rushing patients in and out the door – he enjoys taking the time to build a relationship with you and your loved ones that’s based on mutual respect, kindness, and plenty of fun too. To schedule a visit, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

What Happens During A Dental Checkup?

During a typical dental checkup, our team’s top goal will be to form a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s unique oral health needs and any concerning problems that may need further treatment. We’ll take a close look at each individual tooth, the gum tissue, the resting bite, any existing restorations like dental crowns and fillings, and more, using digital X-ray technology to see what our naked eyes can’t quite glimpse alone. Once Dr. Tadros has taken in all of this important information, he’ll review his findings with the patient and help them develop a unique treatment plan that will address any serious issues. It's important to us that we give each patient their different treatment options with the risks and benefits of each.

What Happens During A Dental Cleaning?

Over time, a bacteria-filled substance known as plaque is constantly forming on the tooth surfaces. While it can be cleared away with diligent brushing and flossing at home, even the smallest missed areas can gradually develop into the more stubborn and dangerous tartar over time. Tartar will contribute to the development of decay and cavities, and it can only be removed with professional tools – that’s where our talented team comes in! During dental cleanings, we’ll thoroughly eliminate plaque and tartar from throughout the mouth, also taking the time to get rid of any minor staining that’s developed between appointments. Your smile will feel nicely polished afterwards! After the cleaning, we can tell you what areas need to be focused on more during daily home care.

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