Other Dental Technology & Comforts

Other Dental Technology & Comforts

Modern dental technologies have enabled better dental care for people. It helps dentists provide precise analysis of their dental condition. These technologies have helped diagnose dental diseases at the earliest, which also helps in planning the patient's treatment effectively. Del Rey Dental is equipped with the latest technologies that enable better treatment for patients.

Digital X-Ray

Digital imaging systems have enabled X-rays to take better impressions of the teeth and mouth. They enable dentists to have a better view of the mouth. X-rays can detect cysts and tumors in the mouth. It also provides a better view of infections in the mouth that cannot be viewed through a standard dental checkup. 

There are various types of digital X-ray systems that are used for different dental conditions. The amount of radiation is minimal during a digital X-ray and does not harm the patients. 


VELscope is a wireless handheld device that helps to detect signs and symptoms of abnormalities in the mouth. The device uses natural tissue fluorescence to detect the deformities of the tissues in the mouth. It has a superior blue light that excites the molecules in the oral tissues. The excited tissues emit colors of their own, showing the contrast between the normal and abnormal tissues. It helps to detect the pre-cancerous cells and suspect areas for surgical biopsy. VELscope is a convenient and easy-to-use device that provides quicker results. It is a cost-effective technology that offers expert outcomes for the patients. 

Dental Laser

The use of lasers has helped dentists to provide efficient treatment for patients. A laser is a light-emitting device that is used in multiple dental treatments. It is a safe technology that reduces the chance of infections. Dental lasers come in two types, soft and hard tissue lasers. They help to reshape the gums and remove inflamed gum tissues. The laser also helps to prepare the teeth for treatments like composite bonding. The patient experiences less bleeding and reduced pain when a laser is used for the treatment. It also speeds healing. 

3D Scanning For Crowns And Restorative Dentistry

3D scanners are tools that use lasers or white light to photograph a patient’s mouth and teeth. These images are then combined together in a computer to create a 3D model of your teeth. This can help your dentist plan your restorative treatment more accurately, leading to better results and improved patient satisfaction. In addition to planning your oral health care and treatments, these models can help with patient education as well. They can give you a better picture of your smile, and you can often view them on a screen right in the treatment room at your dental office. Your dentist can then walk you through any issues they see and explain which treatments would be best for addressing the issues.

There are many benefits to using this type of technology for your dental care. It can help improve the accuracy of your treatment plan while also providing increased comfort and efficiency in your treatment process. This technology also helps with patient communication, allowing your dentist to illustrate issues and discuss them with you and your entire family. The benefits of digital imaging include the following:

  • Eliminate the need for gooey impressions
  • Get a more accurate impression in less time
  • Reproduce the most accurate tooth model possible
  • Send the impression digitally to a trusted lab partner
  • Receive your restoration faster than with a traditional impression
  • Offer patients a better overall experience
  • Spend less time in the operatory and more time helping patients

Trios Intraoral scanner

A Trios intraoral scan is a type of digital imaging technology that provides a 3D image of a patient’s mouth and teeth without the use of any uncomfortable, gooey impressions. With fast, precise, and accurate digital impressions, the intraoral scan can make your restorative dental procedures, like dental crowns, bridges, etc., more efficient, comfortable, and accurate. The high-quality digital impressions obtained with the intraoral scan helps our dentist fabricate dental prosthesis with better functioning and longevity. 

Advantages offered by the Trios Intraoral Scanner include the following:
  • Superior scanning technology 
  • No traditional, messy impressions
  • Accurate digital impressions that result in better diagnostics
  • Reduced chair-time

Other Comforts

Other comforts in dentistry involve the use of sedatives that helps to ease the patient through the dental treatments. There are several types of sedatives like nitrous oxide which efficiently reduces the discomfort during long dental treatments.  It reduces the stress and anxiety related to the treatments and helps to relax the patient. 

At Del Rey Dental, the expert dentists attend to all the dental conditions and provide appropriate treatment at the earliest. Call 469 917 7444 and schedule an appointment at the dentistry for more information regarding dental treatments.  

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