Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Your teeth can get damaged for a variety of reasons like tooth decay, dental trauma, etc. When teeth are broken, chipped, or cracked, restorative dental treatment is essential to repairing and saving them.

At Del Rey Dental in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Tadros has extensive experience and uses the latest technologies in treating damaged teeth and restoring their functionality. One such popular treatment provided at our facility is dental crowns. 

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps customized to fit over broken, chipped, or decayed teeth. They restore a tooth’s functionality and stability. 

Dental crowns are custom-made to fit snugly over a tooth and restore its strength. They are usually made of durable materials like metal, porcelain, resin, or ceramic. 

All-ceramic and porcelain crowns are the best options if you need a prosthetic that matches your natural teeth. On the other hand, metal crowns are more long-lasting. In the end, it’s up to you to decide what kind of dental crowns you want. 

When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

At Del Rey Dental in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Tadros provides dental crowns as a restorative and cosmetic treatment option for a variety of dental issues, such as:

  • Teeth weakened by cavities and decay
  • Covering up discolored or misshapen teeth
  • As anchors for dental bridges
  • As prosthetic teeth in the dental implant procedure
  • Covering teeth after root canal treatment
  • Repairing broken or chipped teeth
  • Restoring worn-down teeth

What Are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

While there are countless dental treatments available for tooth restoration, the oral health benefits of dental crowns make them a pretty popular option. Their main advantages include: 

  • Dental crowns make damaged or decayed teeth stronger.
  • They protect the tooth against further decay, injury, or cavities.
  • Dental crowns can be used to treat cosmetic problems like stains, irregularities, and discoloration.
  • Timely dental crown treatment can help you avoid complex dental procedures in the future.
  • Dental crowns can restore a tooth’s shape, size, stability, and appearance.
  • They’re a protective shield against bacteria and infection. 

How to Take Care of Dental Crowns?

The lifespan of dental crowns depends on how well you take care of them. Generally, they can last up to 15 years. 

Avoiding excessive grinding, clenching, and biting into hard foods or things like your fingernails can increase the durability of your dental crowns considerably. While no particular care is required, brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash twice daily are essential in keeping your teeth healthy.

For more on restorative dental treatment options, call Del Rey Dental in Dallas, Texas, at (469) 917-7444 or visit our facility at 11525 Jupiter Rd #103, Dallas, TX 75218.

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